Etisalat 0.00kb Working on Latest Stark VPN v3.9 Apk

With the latest version of Stark VPN v3.9 Apk you can continue to enjoy Etisalat 0.00kb free Browsing with 60MB daily Bandwidth. No much talks so let’s go down on how to make Etisalat free browsing work again.

How To Configure Etisalat Free Using Stark VPN v3.9

✔ Etisalat sim
✔ Latest Stark VPN
✔ Use Etisalat Default APN
✔ Download Latest version of Stark VPN v3.9 or from playstore or update your previously installed stark VPN to v3.9
✔ Install the app and launch to configure it.
✔ Select location of your choice or choose “Auto Select Location”
✔ Select Etisalat as your Tweak
✔Choose any server from server 1-12 from the list
✔ Click on connect and wait till it is CONNECTED.
✔ Start BlazingThis Tweak is not unlimited but capped at 60MB daily, so if You exhaust the daily 60MB bandwidth. You have to wait till the next day.