As in Wow!!! Checkout The Internet Speed Of The New Nigerian Network “NTel” – You Will Love It

Nitel was the Company that was Re-
invented to Ntel, don’t really know much
maybe it was sold or something. Ntel is set
to launch today and
everybody is waiting anxiously because
of their promises of ultra fast mobile broadband at a cheaper rate, 4G LTE
Network. They had their first public
Internet speed
test today, run by one of the network
testers. NOTICE!! It’s too Fast | If they
should roll out with this Excellent speed, I can bet everyone will move to their
Network in less than 1 Week. With this
Kind of Speed, You can
download a File, Game or Software of
about 5GB in less than 30mins. If this can
be sustained (should be possible, they promise a max of
230mbps) this should be great for
subscribers. Now all they should do is give
us an
affordable internet packages. Congrats


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